After months and months of waiting, we have finally received our Tanzanian coffees, aka Tweega coffees, hence why we are “tweega-ing” out. It was quite a process getting them here, but it was well worth it. Coming from the Mbeya region with rich volcanic soil, it produces a coffee with a balanced acidity, sweetness, medium body, and a heavy bold aftertaste. We have two types that we love, the Tanzania AA and Pb (pea berry), both have distinct flavors and bean shape. The Tanzania AA refers to the grade and size of the bean, this one being the largest bean. The AA is a little lighter with hints of apricot fruit while the PB is bolder with winy tones. The AA has the more recognized shape, while the pea berry is smaller and rounded. Unlike other coffee cherries, which usually have two seeds inside, the Pea Berry only has one seed. This makes the bean curve inward and round.

Coffee cherry washing station



Among the coffee trees






View of a coffee farm (around 400,000 small coffee farms in the Mbeya Region)







Hand sorting the coffees






Roasting coffee over an open fire




Fun Fact: Tweega is Swahili for “Giraffe”, referring to the long neck and the search for the perfect coffee bean.