Ordering Information

Purchase Types


This is coffee from our current inventory, and is available immediately. The value of spot coffee fluctuates with the New York C-Market, so prices and availability will vary.


Since availability of coffee can vary, this option is a great way to secure exactly what you need ahead of time. You can lock in an agreed upon price for a future order, and your coffee will be shipped once it becomes available.

New Customers

Please take a look over our customer application:

If you’re ready to begin working with Balzac Brothers, please contact us so we can send you the application through DocuSign — the quick, easy, secure way we send paperwork to our customers.

Payment Terms

For the first 3 transactions with Balzac Brothers, purchases must be paid prior to delivery or acceptance of the green coffee. After a stable relationship has developed, extended credit may be offered based on positive feedback from trade references.

We accept credit cards, cash, advanced payment by check, cashier’s checks, or wire transfers. However, invoices paid after the period specified in the sales contract will result in late charges of 5 percent per month of the total amount due. The amount due shall be compounded for each additional month based on this percentage.

In addition, a fee of $35.00 will be applied to your business account if checks sent to Balzac Brothers are returned by the bank or ACH payments are rejected due to insufficient funds. Thanks for your understanding.

Minimum Purchase

There is no minimum order: we sell anything from a single bag to a full container. However, shipping rates are most economical when sending a full pallet, which typically includes 10 bags.

Bag Weights

Kilograms Pounds Origin
70 154.32 Colombia & Bolivia
69 152.12 Most Central & South America
60 132.28 Brazil, Indonesia, Africa, and most Decafs
50 110.23 Yemen
45.63 100 Hawaii


You can pick up your order directly from our warehouse or have your shipment delivered to your door. We ship anywhere in the United States and Canada and have relationships with trusted shippers offering discounted bulk rates.

Upon arrival, please inspect your order immediately before signing the delivery receipt, taking care to note any damages before signing. All such claims must be reported within 5 business days of receiving the coffee. Please allow a minimum of 24 hours for your order to be processed.