We are definitely on the Zimbabwe train, not literally, but we do love this coffee! A few short flavor notes would be light acidity, full body, with winy and berry tones.

This coffee comes from Mozambique, situated in the eastern highlands of Zimbabwe; grown on a family farm that has been in existence for 50 years. The coffee trees on this farm were planted where deforestation occurred, the coffee pulp is used as compost, and the water they use to wash the coffees is reused in the dairy pastures.

Not only is this farm environmentally oriented and efficient, it also is very focused on the community. They provide housing, water, electricity, and health care for the workers and their families.  Also during the work day, there is a school on the farm where 300 children can attend class and after school programs.

The coffee plant is an important crop to these family owned farms, the children, even the whole community; we are happy we can be a part of that!


The usual Climate


View of Chiremba




Wet processing the coffee



Recycling the water after coffees have been washed