Today we had some exciting guests come by to give cupping a try. A great group from Garden&Gun and Kudu had never been to our “office”, so we thought we’d show them around.


They got to see our in house roaster for local orders, our preshipment/sample room, and our coffee lab where we do all of our cupping. We tasted 4 coffees: an Ethiopian, Kenyan, Colombian, and Peruvian.


In the process of cupping, you are supposed to make a large slurping sound for taste, and then the coffee is spit in to a spittoon. It is kind of strange to have to spit in front of a large group, so some decided not to, and got their coffee buzz in for the day.


We hope everyone had a good time and will come back and see us soon!


This past week, we went to a local letter press company, Sideshow Press on Cannon Street. We got Sideshow to print new business cards for Balzac Brothers. Letter pressing is a forgotten art, where they use thick 100% cotton paper which is rolled over metal plates. This presses ink in to the paper,instead of just printing on top of it, making a textured aspect to the card.

In these pictures you will see the actual Letter Press, the rolling cylinder that has been dabbed with green ink for the business cards, and the final product! These cards are truely unique. Thank you Sideshow Press!

pres inprogress card

Now in its 4th generation of family owned raw coffee importation, Balzac Brothers and Company is excited to be launching a new website. We feel this new site is a better representation of what Balzac Brothers does, what our coffee is all about, and who we are as well!


Not only are there changes for Balzac Brothers, but also for our local coffee roasting/distribution, Good Coffee Company. Along with a new website where you will be able to order online ( The packaging and logo have been redesigned to differentiate our coffee (if taste isn’t enough)!

Coming up in the end of March, Balzac Brothers will be hosting the Rainforest Alliance Cupping Competition. Usually held in New York, we are very excited to have this opportunity to host the event here in Charleston. Rainforest Alliance selected judges will be taste testing the best of the best coffees that have been RFA certified. This produces the best coffees while keeping sustainable farm practices in mind. We are very excited about the upcoming events in March, and getting our coffee lab professionally certified and fit for the cupping!






A big thank you to Cobble Hill for helping set up and design the new site. Also to Sideshow Press in creating our new letter pressed business cards!